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South African Rand Converter Close Change Return
1 ZAR to JPY 8.5611 trending_up 0.1541 1.8325%
1 ZAR to JPY 8.4070 trending_up 0.0403 0.4820%
1 ZAR to JPY 8.3667 trending_up 0.0582 0.6999%
1 ZAR to JPY 8.3085 trending_down -0.0130 -0.1564%
1 ZAR to JPY 8.3215 trending_up 0.0139 0.1672%
1 ZAR to JPY 8.3077 trending_up 0.0016 0.0187%

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ZAR/JPY news

North Korean missile launches may cost Japanese broadcasters "billions of yen"

The missiles may not be physically crashing into Japan, but their effect is hitting television stations square in the wallet. For the second time in only a matter of weeks North Korea...

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Global stocks hit new highs as Irma, North Korea fears ebb

FILE PHOTO - Employees of a foreign exchange trading company work near monitors showing TV news on North Korea's nuclear test (R) and the Japanese yen's exchange rate against the Euro...

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Rupee weakens to 64.13

The rupee weakened to 64.13 as the dollar hit an eight-week high against the yen, supported by a rise in US Treasury yields, as traders eyed a Federal Reserve meeting starting the next...

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Offshore investors net seller of South African stocks, buy bonds - Times of India

JOHANNESBURG, Sept 18 (Reuters) - Offshore investors sold South African stocks worth a net of 5.1 billion rand ($386 million) and bought bonds worth 7.3 billion rand last week, JSE...

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