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US Dollar Converter Close Change Return
1 USD to INR 64.2263 trending_up 0.1409 0.2199%
1 USD to INR 64.0854 trending_up 0.0362 0.0565%
1 USD to INR 64.0492 trending_down -0.2957 -0.4596%
1 USD to INR 64.3449 trending_down -0.0951 -0.1476%
1 USD to INR 64.4401 trending_down -0.0460 -0.0714%
1 USD to INR 64.4861 trending_up 0.0980 0.1522%
1 USD to INR 64.3881 trending_down -0.1044 -0.1620%

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USD/INR news

India's Current Account Deficit hits four-year high

MUMBAI: India’s Current Account Deficit (CAD), one of the key economic metrics, is blinking red. At $14.3 bn, or 2.4 per cent of the GDP in first quarter of the current fiscal, CAD...

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India's forex reserves cross $400 billion

India’s foreign exchange reserves crossed the $400-billion mark last week, data released with a lag of seven days by the (RBI) showed. As of September 8, the with the central bank stood...

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India’s RBI Moves Towards Providing Digital Currencies Legal Tender Status

The Indian central bank Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has established a task force that will assess the possible granting of legal tender status to Bitcoin and other virtual currencies....

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Do the math: India's first bullet train isn't 'free of cost' as Modi claims

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has claimed the bullet train offered to India by Japan is virtually free of cost. A 50-year yen loan amounting to Rs 88,000 crore at 0.1 % interest is being...

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Tether Will Issue Tokenized US Dollars on the Ethereum Blockchain

It is always interesting to keep an eye on tokenized fiat currency. Most people are aware of USDT, a virtual currency pegged to the US Dollar. It now seems the company has partnered...

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World News: India: A 100-rupee coin to be introduced soon

To commemorate 150th anniversary years of the Indian Railways a 100 rupee coin will be issued by the Indian government. It is the first time Indian Railways has got the chance to be...

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Rupee to average 64.3 against US dollar in FY18, says UBS report

The rupee is expected to remain range bound and average at 64.3 against the US dollar in the current financial year and is likely to be lower at 65.4 in 2018-19, says a UBS report....

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Ukraine sets final guidance for US dollar bond - Times of India

LONDON, Sept 18 (IFR) - Ukraine has set final guidance for a US dollar bond that matures in 2032 at a yield of 7.375%-7.50% area, according to a lead. The deal will price within that...

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