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British Pound Converter Close Change Return
1 GBP to ZAR 17.2053 trending_down -0.3154 -1.8004%
1 GBP to ZAR 17.5208 trending_down -0.3495 -1.9560%
1 GBP to ZAR 17.8703 trending_down -0.2069 -1.1448%
1 GBP to ZAR 18.0773 trending_down -0.1334 -0.7324%
1 GBP to ZAR 18.2106 trending_up 0.0067 0.0369%
1 GBP to ZAR 18.2039 trending_down -0.0386 -0.2115%
1 GBP to ZAR 18.2425 trending_down -0.0398 -0.2175%

*Foreign Exchange and CFD trading are high risk and not suitable for everyone. You should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience and risk appetite before making a decision to trade with us. Most importantly, do not invest money you cannot afford to lose.

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Pound to Rand Forecast Bright after String of Pro-Rate Hike Comments

On the back of a trio of supportive statements, the Pound has recently risen by 1.9% against the South African Rand. The coming months could see the Pound to Rand rate rise further,...

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British Pound Soars Amid Dramatic Rebound In Interest Rates

The most significant move in futures positioning (into September 12th) was with the British pound, as sentiment improved markedly heading into last week's Bank of England (BOE) meeting....

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EUR/GBP Forecast September 19, 2017, Technical Analysis

The EUR/GBP pair rallied a bit during the day on Monday, using the 0.88 level as support. This is a massive support level on the longer-term charts, and I think that we could see a bit...

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Pound Surges, Bitcoin Plummets Ahead of Pivotal FOMC Meeting

- Next week brings a pivotal Federal Reserve rate decision in which the world will be waiting to hear about balance sheet reduction. - The British Pound has continued to display...

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