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Euro Converter Close Change Return
1 EUR to GBP 0.8819 trending_down -0.0002 -0.0212%
1 EUR to GBP 0.8820 trending_up 0.0012 0.1352%
1 EUR to GBP 0.8809 trending_down -0.0005 -0.0569%
1 EUR to GBP 0.8814 trending_up 0.0020 0.2294%
1 EUR to GBP 0.8793 trending_down -0.0026 -0.2937%
1 EUR to GBP 0.8819 trending_down 0.0000 -0.0029%
1 EUR to GBP 0.8820 trending_up 0.0025 0.2892%

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EUR/GBP news

Pound Loses Ground, Markets Eye Carney Speech

The British pound has posted losses at the start of the week, after posting strong gains in Thursday and Friday sessions.In North American trade, GBP/USD is trading at 1.3485, down...

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Pound and Canadian Dollar Drop, Dollar and Equities Coast

The CFTC's COT figures show EUR/USD futures positioning with the heaviest bullish lean in years while US equity exposure has hit equivalent lows. How do these reading compare to retail...

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More than $100,000 worth of Euros found in Swiss sewers

Swiss authorities are trying to understand why roughly 100,000 Euros were flushed down toilets in Geneva. Nearly $120,000 worth of 500-Euro bills were first discovered in the sewer...

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NBA's Dragic retiring from Slovenia team after Euro win

LJUBLJANA, Slovenia (AP) NBA guard Goran Dragic has confirmed he is retiring from the Slovenia team that won the European basketball championship. Dragic says on Tuesday, ”I achieved...

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Britain Still On Sale

Back on May 30th I recommended U.S. investors, particularly dividend investors, consider putting their money in British stocks listed on the NYSE. In fact, I've been a fan of British...

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