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US Dollar Converter Close Change Return
1 USD to EUR 0.8479 trending_down -0.0031 -0.3674%
1 USD to GBP 0.7477 trending_down -0.0029 -0.3885%
1 USD to INR 64.2263 trending_up 0.1409 0.2199%
1 USD to AUD 1.3054 trending_down -0.0017 -0.1270%
1 USD to CAD 1.2879 trending_up 0.0021 0.1622%
1 USD to ZAR 12.8650 trending_down -0.2870 -2.1819%
1 USD to NZD 1.4275 trending_down -0.0027 -0.1890%
1 USD to JPY 112.5228 trending_down -0.0719 -0.0639%

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USD news

Yuan slips to 6.55 against US dollar

China's domesctic currency, the yuan, weakened by 111 basis points to 6.553 against the U.S. dollar Tuesday, in the China's spot market, where the currency is allowed to rise or fall by...

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Ukraine sets final guidance for US dollar bond - Times of India

LONDON, Sept 18 (IFR) - Ukraine has set final guidance for a US dollar bond that matures in 2032 at a yield of 7.375%-7.50% area, according to a lead. The deal will price within that...

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Venezuela starts oil price in Chinese yuan to shun US dollar

CARACAS – Venezuela on Friday started publishing its oil prices in Chinese yuan instead of Dollar. The move, apparently, has been started to counter US sanctions. The weekly Oil...

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Venezuela's Move To Non-Dollar Oil Pricing Will Have No Effect Upon Anything

There's a common enough theory out there that the general use of the US dollar in the oil business adds somehow to American power and or prestige. So much so that we occasionally see...

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Pound v US dollar: GBP exchange rate continues to rise on BoE rate hike speculation

Sterling is currently at $1.345 against the US dollar, up 0.4% per cent from today’s opening levels and over two cents higher than yesterday’s starting rate of around $1.319. The BoE...

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U.S. dollar closes higher on Taipei forex (update) | Economics | FOCUS TAIWAN - CNA ENGLISH NEWS

Taipei, Sept. 18 (CNA) The U.S. dollar rose against the Taiwan dollar Monday, gaining NT$0.033 to close at the day's high of NT$30.108 after rebounding from losses earlier in the day,...

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